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A Man who lives to create. I create becasue I am compelled to, not becasue I choose to! I sing because I have to... I'm certainly not getting paid to do it. But I do it all the time... just like I create, I always am creating something... Wanna create something and post it? There's an idea.


Seething Little Artists.

An Artist creates his own moral universe....
pungent, seething Artist in his deliverance from the real world. May God protect him and cover him with his almighty grace, shield him until he finds a safe place.
The birds have their song let ours for now, remain unsung.
Allow all other symphonies to play and announce their creative births, sing to the South and to the West...
just be true to your souls voice, and understand your hearts intentions.

I find it amazing that regardless of how many people try to help us through life's complexities and hard time's, there is always an unseen rule of majority. One that makes us uncertain of how we feel about our future failure's , because of our past failures.
An unseen rule that we ourselves created and set in motion, a rule that does not exist in any other frame of reality...
it does not exist, past our own subconscious, but is still very powerful.
We have conditioned our minds to accept failure as long as we give it a good effort, as long as we ourselves are in control of our feelings, about failing.
To this I say "reconstruct your reality, do not allow your destiny to be governed by your fears or limited capabilities". We must stand up and take full accountability for all we do and say in our own moral or immoral universe.
Then and only then are we capable of dealing with and overcoming barriers of all kinds, real or imagined. If we are able to create what in our minds is a safe environment to prosper and live a good life in, then when something is amiss or out of sink with the flow of the intended life cycle, we must remember that we also have the ability to change, or correct that mistake...
as well as all others that may arise.
We then are able to create our own destiny and not live in accordance with our fears, to not be limited by our short comings as we see them, but to excel farther beyond our undetermined or unrealized expectations. Once we have become familiar with our role as Creator of our own moral or immoral universe, we become aware of the many interchangeable paths we have to choose from, whenever we choose to upgrade our present situation...If and when we feel the need to do so.
So, have fun, and remember you Create Your Own Reality!!!
Why Not Make It Beautiful?


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