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A Man who lives to create. I create becasue I am compelled to, not becasue I choose to! I sing because I have to... I'm certainly not getting paid to do it. But I do it all the time... just like I create, I always am creating something... Wanna create something and post it? There's an idea.


Beautiful Guru Blu

Beautiful Guru Blu,
with lips and eyes of pink.
Help me with Chico,
tell him that he stinks?
Not what a Guru should do?
Then maybe you can just,
bring him down a peg or two.
He is under the delusion,
that he will be a star.
But in his fantasies he sometimes strays too far.
He's not under the afluence of inkohol,
like some thinkle pep him be.
He just talks that way,
everyday... but only to me.
The "Star" he thinks,
is really just a starkle little twink,
that only when nervious does blink.
Beautiful Guru Blu,
with eys and lips of pink.
Can you tell me who the hell he is you think....
beacuse he is driving me to drink.

"Nam, myoho, renge quo"

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