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King, Queen... Twin ??

Hey y'all
I am kinda bugged because I have been waiting for my new bed to arrive. I had a queen size bed, a inflatable one that I purchased online. It was really cool it was high off of the floor, came with a built in box spring system and it had a comfort dial to let air out to soften the mattress. I loved it, and kept using that dial and the automatic air pump, well I guess I filled it up to much on night cause when I woke up one side of it was completely round on top and on the side it was arched... ??? Well I could not sleep on it like that and my Birthday was coming up so I ordered my very first box spring and mattress set, a very expensive one at that, it has the plush pillows with the memory foam. I thought why not go all the way out, get the one I really want. I found it for a great price so I paid upfront and had to wait seven days for it to arrive.

Feeling rather good about my purchase, I waited for my new bed to arrive, sleeping on the floor for seven nights was not as bad as I thought it would be. I slept on the floor most my life so it was no big deal. The day before it was to arrive, I cleaned up my bedroom space along with my front room moved everything around and just making it fresh and new. I like to do that, rearrange everything so I feel like I am in a new place. All I needed was my bed to complete the feeling of "home", nothing like a comfy bed.
It finally arrives and I am very excited I had to get it off the truck myself and bring it upstairs myself... something about the insurance. So I was like yea no problem, I moved everything into my place myself. I even have my own dolly, bought it last time I was moving, everyone should own a dolly! And without asking anyone for help which is my usual way, I slant each giant box onto the dolly and proceed to take it to the back part of the yard where I live. It was a little awkward but no biggie, I was able to do it. I had no idea that those boxes were so strong, I had a tough time getting them opened, and folding it back up for the recycle bin was a workout!

To Be continued...

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