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I have been having some issues with an ex-Slumlord, who is not only illegally withholding my security deposit, but she is presenting falsified information to my attorney. I had my attorney send her a letter of demand to request my deposit in full, as she has allowed the 21 days (provided by law) to go by without giving me any money or any written documentation of any purported cleaning and repairs made. Thus, waiving her right to any amounts from my deposit.

I thought, Great, now she'll send me my check and I can finally be done with this. I was feeling rather good about myself, being able to handle the situation and doing everything according to the law. Well, I received notice from my attorney that she not only responded, but presented them with written documentation of fabricated expenses, and blatant lies. I mean malicious lies.

Instead of just doing the right thing, and returning my money to me. She instead makes slanderous allegations of me making derogatory statements about her female body parts. (YUCKO!!!) I mean is that disgusting or what, she is the one that always derogatory remarks in regard to my sexual preference and my medical condition. She yelled out several times on the property grounds that "I was too sick to take care of myself, and needed to be in a nursing home"

and topped that off by coming to my front door, to try to intimidate me, as she does to every single person she comes in contact with.

When in reality it was the stress she was putting me through on an almost daily basis that was making me sicker. I lost full use of my legs last year during the Thanksgiving Holiday, which lasted until sometime late in February, I had to have physical therapy sessions to help awaken my muscles, that were not functioning... as a result of elevated stress, and some nerve damage, which is directly related to a brain surgery I had at 16 years of age. .

This woman truly believes she is above the law, she falsified evidence, she slandered my name, and thinks she is entitled to do so! She is a danger to everyone as long as she is allowed to continue in this manner. She abuses the trust that should be established, by intimidation, and does not do anything in regard to the law. As a renter, she has an obligation and rather strict letter of law she is supposed to follow. I just can not believe the limits this woman is going to just to keep $996.00 She needs to be made an example of, to see that the law provides for law abiding citizens and that the law does work for us and that is where I come in.... stay tuned, as the saga continues

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